In very short time David Lehnberg (The Deer Tracks, Leiah , Ariel Kill Him , Ikaros and many more) has made a name for himself with his experimental electronica soloprojekt LEHNBERG , both as an energetic live artist and someone who delivers EPs and remixes with huge range both musically and geographically speaking. Whether he is making techno, ambient or modern classic or remixes, his signature musical language is alway present one way or another.


Since the start in May 2015, David has released over 6 hours of music under his LEHNBERG moniker and 2018 looks to add a few more hours to that always growing list of music.

David has traveled around the world numerous times with all of his projects, but most recently with indietronica band The Deer Tracks, and these ongoing journeys are where his musical inspiration comes streaming from.